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  1. Oh wow, Invision Power Board v4.0.x is going to be awesome.

  2. Updated the forums and made a bunch of changes to the site settings.

  3. Have I gone back in time or something?

    Yes, it's definitely possible you went back in time :P
  4. Must See Movies

    Everyone watch Brave :wub:
  5. Updated the forums and modules to the latest Invision softwares!

  6. What Are You Listening To V1.0

    darkest hour - a paradox with flies
  7. The Bullshit Chit-chat Thread

    Someone register so I am not talking to myself, godddd!!!
  8. The Bullshit Chit-chat Thread

    coooookies. i couldn't help myself :( 21:03 * LtDan has turned emo 21:10 < xbetas> THat happened awhile ago...
  9. The Official Introductions Thread

    So I thought it would be nice to meet some of you, since I don't know all of you who have here's a quick form, feel free to follow it or not, I don't care Were you part of xBetas back in the day? What was your old nick? Do you still partake in betas of software? Are you a pirate? Do you like pirates?! Are you interested in an IRC channel? Let us know one cool thing about yourself! 1. Yes I was...sort of... 2. morgan - but no it's changed to hide my identitiez lol. 3. Sometimes, but not very often, generally only games now. 4. I am most definitely a pirate. 5. I love pirates!!! (insert love face icon...I need to upload it...) 6. Maybe... 7. Hrmm, I just got into airsoft and I love it!
  10. The Bullshit Chit-chat Thread

  11. is working on more codehax!

  12. The Bullshit Chit-chat Thread

    La la la, new skin. I think it's sexxxxy!
  13. What Are You Listening To V1.0

    Circa Survive - Act Appalled :wub:
  14. Windows 7

    I believe it comes out within a week or so?? Anyone using final?? I've installed it on a PC here and it's actually not to bad. Seems to work well, and works better then Vista, at least IMHO. I'm not really a fan of the window snapping though. You know when you enlarge a window and it snaps to the edges of the screen....annoying...
  15. What Betas Are You In?

    Just wondering what betas everyone is participating in (officially and unofficially...)? Currently I've been playing with the new uTorrent beta for Mac. It's okay...although I have a feeling I won't switch to it from xTorrent. I'm also in the Things beta, although it's gone public to-do application ever. They also made an iPhone/iPod touch client which syncs with the desktop version. I'm also participating in the Boxee beta/alpha whatever you want to call it. Definitely a piece of software that looks promising although I've not sacrificed my AppleTV to it yet How about you all?
  16. What Betas Are You In?

    Just got into the Google Wave beta! It's pretty cool. Is anyone else in?? I also signed up for the new Xbox LIVE Preview, so hopefully I get into that as well! :)
  17. ok nameservers updated, site should be now all working again!

  18. The Bullshit Chit-chat Thread

    Testing attachments...
  19. Count!

  20. Xbetas Computer

    Haha yeah, sure thing. There's a couple of us on Facebook. The real issue is matching people handles with their real names haha
  21. Xbetas Computer

    The OS is simply Windows XP which obviously still around. It's simply customized with a couple Xbetas logos and such. Legal, no. At least not as far as I know. :P So you probably shouldn't be using them at work. I remember those XP AIO's. Fun stuff, sure made my life a lot easier haha. And they had 2003 AIOs, hell anything that could be an AIO was (Adobe, etc...). You've got a piece of history there my friend. Hang on to it ;) I always miss the upload path when I move the forums from server to server haha. Attachments should now be working :P
  22. Count!

    Don't double post or I will close it, at least wait 2 posts. 28