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Ok guys, sorry for this little offtopic, I know I have 0 posts here on www.xbetas.com, but I need your help. I'm trying to download the ebook hosted on that website:

http://sharecash.pl. When I click download I get here: http://www.ebook.sharecash.pl

Here is the problem.I managed to get few clicks from my friends but thats everyting - 3 clicks I got from them.

I need 7 more clicks (out of 10 ) to be able to download the ebook.

Here is my special link:


I will really appreciate your help. Once I will be able to download, just PM me I will share that with you.

All I need you to do is to click the link or copy and paste it to your address bar and hit enter.

Thanks to that 7 clicks I will be able to download the ebook.

I've been thinking about using FB but I don't have an account. I'm a bit antisocial : P

Thanks guys and once again sorry for little offtopic.

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