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    Must See Movies

    My proudest bump ever. Just bought the book, bout half way through it, can't imagine how it'd go as a movie though...
  2. J.Byrne

    Must See Movies

    Have you seen the movie?
  3. J.Byrne

    Must See Movies

    Supersize Me, awesome movie, only just saw it, don't think I'll ever eat McDonalds again.
  4. All politicians are assholes, dumb assholes.
  5. J.Byrne


    How so?
  6. J.Byrne


    The only practical reason I can think of (With the exception of running a server) for running x64 is gaming or getting better performance outta CS3/CS4 progs, neither of which are much of an issue on Linux.
  7. J.Byrne

    Windows 7

    Nice, better looking than the current superbar.
  8. Its a good excuse, beyond a certain price there are just more important things that could be bought with that kinda money.
  9. J.Byrne


    Its not bad, I like the way they included the New Wave theme from GnomeLook.org, but its not the best version of the theme, some apps wind up having menus with dark grey text on a black background. Still haven't gotten that equaliser though, guess thats on the wishlish for 9.10. ADD: I don't honestly feel FreeBSD is worth all the work it takes to use, I'm prolly gunna wipe that partition today...
  10. Technically, never owned a Mac, way out of my price range...
  11. J.Byrne


    Ubuntu 9.4 & FreeBSD 7.2, both i386.
  12. Bullshit. (I didn't really want to post bullshit, but I want to fit in and everyone else is posting bullshit so I decided to post bullshit.)