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  1. Yes mam, Can anyone tell me anymore about it honestly I have about 4 here at work.


    i'm having trouble opening the attachment, but i remember we did a bunch of Windows XP AIO releases...

    This is probably one of them.. someone doing IT for your workplace most probably downloaded this off IRC a while back and installed it on the computers there..


  2. xbetas ... wow.. good times*/

    brief history (while i still have some memory of it)

    IRC History of #betas/xBetas

    -DALnet #betas formed by GaryZelda (late 1990s)

    -"blackcomb-xp2"'s channel #winserv merges with #betas, keeps #betas name

    -Around Whistler beta era #winbeta splits from #betas (as founded by Franky74)

    -Briefly moved over to PopCorn's network called CyberArmy (2001ish)

    -Back to Dalnet / Back to new and improved private Elite-IRC network (2003ish) is born

    -xBetas IRC network is formed hosting the new and improved #betas (golden age of #betas... legit ~1000user count on IRC) this is around longhorn Milestone 3-4 era

    -Channel gets big, network gets bigger... issues/conflict of interest between #betas ops/IRCops ..

    -Network is renamed UFnet.... same channel, same servers, same IRCd, different network name... (but continues to redirect here)

    -More issues and such, yet the site is soaring and the scene is booming... releases are huge... thousand channel user count, solid 60-70 person staff, release group reputation, 70,000-count botnet, Microsoft insider connections, technet access, 3-4 large user dumps, 400+ daily XDCCers, weekly internal leaked builds, monthly publicly leaked builds, major competition vs, etc, etc...

    -due to extraneous circimstances website goes offline around May of 2003 (Computer security-related legal issues.. non-#betas related).. irc network continues to exist

    -PDC 2003 = return of

    -CoFounder Cyrus quits

    -Site stays up through 2004 but channel issues get bigger and bigger..

    -I decide shit's too corrupt, heirarchy sucks... blackcomb leaves the network/channel....1 week notice given to channel to move networks (2004)

    -#Betas moves to newly formed betasIRC network... GaryZelda resigns (not sure who the founder is)

    -xBetas website stays up though rarely updated

    -Vista hits RTM... scene gets boring.. i lose interest... xBetas eventually dies..

    -in 2008, Morgan decides to make use of the domain :)

    some old IRC screenshots: