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  1. Still online, though I am not sure what to put on the main page...ideas? 🤔
  2. Oh wow, Invision Power Board v4.0.x is going to be awesome.

  3. Updated the forums and made a bunch of changes to the site settings.

  4. Yes, it's definitely possible you went back in time :P
  5. cookiecache

    Must See Movies

    Everyone watch Brave :wub:
  6. Updated the forums and modules to the latest Invision softwares!

  7. HI is Jamie Troy still registered at this site. I used to know him in 2003 Thanks to reply. Edward P

  8. coooookies. i couldn't help myself :( 21:03 * LtDan has turned emo 21:10 < xbetas> THat happened awhile ago...
  9. is working on more codehax!

  10. La la la, new skin. I think it's sexxxxy!
  11. Circa Survive - Act Appalled :wub:
  12. cookiecache

    Windows 7

    I believe it comes out within a week or so?? Anyone using final?? I've installed it on a PC here and it's actually not to bad. Seems to work well, and works better then Vista, at least IMHO. I'm not really a fan of the window snapping though. You know when you enlarge a window and it snaps to the edges of the screen....annoying...