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  1. I believe it comes out within a week or so?? Anyone using final?? I've installed it on a PC here and it's actually not to bad. Seems to work well, and works better then Vista, at least IMHO.

    I'm not really a fan of the window snapping though. You know when you enlarge a window and it snaps to the edges of the screen....annoying...

  2. Thanks pretty bizzare how there are such few people on the board what happened to everyone?? Myspace??? Facebook lol... Well least someone was around to help.

    Haha yeah, sure thing. There's a couple of us on Facebook. The real issue is matching people handles with their real names haha

  3. The OS is simply Windows XP which obviously still around. It's simply customized with a couple Xbetas logos and such. Legal, no. At least not as far as I know. :P So you probably shouldn't be using them at work.

    I remember those XP AIO's. Fun stuff, sure made my life a lot easier haha. And they had 2003 AIOs, hell anything that could be an AIO was (Adobe, etc...).

    You've got a piece of history there my friend. Hang on to it ;)


    i'm having trouble opening the attachment, but i remember we did a bunch of Windows XP AIO releases...

    This is probably one of them.. someone doing IT for your workplace most probably downloaded this off IRC a while back and installed it on the computers there..


    I always miss the upload path when I move the forums from server to server haha. Attachments should now be working :P

  4. Lol Okay I attached a screen shot. Im shocked no one knows anything about this... Perhaps the founder or even a previous owner of the domain... Idk... Interesting.

    Hahahaha that's funny, it must be one of the xBetas releases. What is it, Windows XP?