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  1. Thumbnails should work?!
  2. cookiecache

    CSI: Las Vegas

    Uugh, so I finally caught up...well almost, unless if there was a new episode on last night.
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    I use Ubuntu 9.04. I love it We also use Gentoo Linux and Debian for our servers.
  4. I got into the Battlefield: Heroes beta, it's fun! :)
  5. I'd prefer not, you're more then welcome to discuss them though. You can send links via PM though.
  6. I am guessing 10.7, maybe we'll find out at this years WWDC...and for the record, I hope they do NOT add something like Aero haha.
  7. Google is your best friend Although if you've got specific questions, feel free to let us know!
  8. Aaah my pretty desktop on my laptop. Clean as a bean!
  9. Heyyyyy. I don't really have any PCs for running this at the moment, but I'd love to see people's screenshots and thoughts about the build? Worth installing? I use Skype in Windows, but that's about it, would it be safe to try it out for that or should I wait until final?
  10. What kinds of things are you interested in learning?
  11. Rise Against - Long Forgotten Sons
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    Haha, welcome! :)
  13. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if some of the developer seeds were 64bit already...I guess I could find that out and report back :P
  14. Well I think there were some disagreements between some of the admins and IRC peoples and blah blah. Then from that BetasIRC was born (which isn't much of anything anymore either). xBetas didn't really do much after that and now here we are...not much of anything much going on and not enough time to really do a lot... But maybe someday...until then, it's pretty much a place to reconnect with a few friends...and we'll go from there.
  15. Secret and Whisper - The Actress
  16. cookiecache

    Must See Movies

    I would like to add: Jarhead
  17. Haha, I guess I can cross you off now :D