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  1. Haha yeah, where did it go?! It's definitely in there, but it's not showing up on posts lol... And your whole thing is red, what have a I broken now lol
  2. A Static Lullaby - Static Slumber Party! I merged my topic with yours, you were right to put it into music, I'm a newb :P
  3. Shaunt you are amazing!

  4. hahaha i want this to be the longest goddaamn thread ever!!!
  5. So I thought it would be nice to meet some of you, since I don't know all of you who have here's a quick form, feel free to follow it or not, I don't care Were you part of xBetas back in the day? What was your old nick? Do you still partake in betas of software? Are you a pirate? Do you like pirates?! Are you interested in an IRC channel? Let us know one cool thing about yourself! 1. Yes I was...sort of... 2. morgan - but no it's changed to hide my identitiez lol. 3. Sometimes, but not very often, generally only games now. 4. I am most definitely a pirate. 5. I love pirates!!! (insert love face icon...I need to upload it...) 6. Maybe... 7. Hrmm, I just got into airsoft and I love it!
  6. Best thing I've heard all day: LtDan: point being don't f' with your tits
  7. How was your day? anything fun happen at work, and I forgot what you do for work lol
  8. LOL moving this to the other forum haha
  9. How the hell do you make global mods in IPB?! maybe i need to rtfm lolz
  10. darkest hour - a paradox with flies
  11. mmmm delicious!
  12. HAHAHA this is GREAT! PS. I love your avatar!

  13. Haha finally, sheesh, we need to get the regulars back on! Who were they?! hahaha :P
  14. Someone register so I am not talking to myself, godddd!!!
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    This is a test post!