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    Where are i am?

    Perhaps use PM. ;)
  2. It's Monorail cat! He's leaving the station!
  3. So correct me if I'm wrong, Snow Leopard will be 64bit and therefore greater than 4GB of memory will be usable? Does this mean if I purchase a macbook now, after upgrading to Snow Leopard I'll be able to upgrade to say 8GB of usable memory?
  4. Danny Elfman - The Killing Room/trouble Coming
  5. Willie Rosario - Let's Boogaloo
  6. Steve Jablonsky - Armored Prayer
  7. Lt.Dan

    Windows 7

    I actually haven't used Windows 7 yet, but I think the real question is; how many features will they actually see through to the final release? Vista perhaps could have been better had they actually completed some of the good features (though i doubt it since the features kept hinder the OS useless). Guess I need to get my hands on Windows 7...but really what am I missing? Maybe we should start compare and contrast Vista and Windows 7? Both announced features and features that actually reached the final cut.
  8. Nothing special here...just a mess of icons.
  9. IPB has soo much...stuff now, my gosh.

  10. Lt.Dan

    Must See Movies

    A Bronx Tale Batman Begins Black Hawk Down Blow Equilibrium The Dark Knight The Good Shepherd The Invasion The Mist V for Vendetta RocknRolla
  11. The Black Ghosts - Anyway You Choose To Give It /me dances