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  1. anything more then how to run a computer site design program cracking tricks that mod programs writing programs (not large programs just small ones) ect
  2. Whats your favorite IM and why? For conf I got to say Yahoo IM for video MSN IM but for one on one voice must be ooVoo hands down what is yours? PS I hope this is where I should post this :lol:
  3. Gamekeeper176

    Windows 7

    not to sound to stupid are you all talking about IE 7 or is it a Operate'n system only thing I found was windows 7 and IE 7 Nevermind I believe I found it and now feel stupid lmao I would delete this post but doesnt see a delete button lmao
  4. ok lets see if I can get mine on here now I see cookie uses a MAC I havent used MAC in over 4 yrs lol again not to much on mine cuz I like my desktop clean looking
  5. Nothing to exciting a bunch of crap and folders but it is nice and tidy kinda well for some reason it wont upload pic of desktop and it doesnt exceed the 500K either,if I can fig out will edit this and add it to post
  6. Were you part of xBetas back in the day? No but wish I had been. What was your old nick? Wasnt around to get one but would of been this one Do you still partake in betas of software? Depends on what you mean but I have beta tested game be4 Are you a pirate? Not sure if I am but I look like one Do you like pirates?! The ones you find on ships YES,but I dont think thats what you mean Are you interested in an IRC channel? I have a lot to learn still but if I was given info on it I might be Let us know one cool thing about yourself! Well most of my time on the comp is spent at a online game site or playing downloaded games for the comp. I like a lot of different kinds of tv shows anywhere from Family Guy to Mythbusters. Music wise most everything but really depends on my mood. Anything else anybody wants to know feel free to ask me
  7. I agree Pulp Fiction also The Devils Rejects Halloween (Rob Zombie Version) Grind House The Mist Saw 1 2 3 4 & 5 this is just a short list of movies I think every1 should see. And if any1 has seen the new Friday The 13th (2009) let me know if its any good lmao
  8. Guess I should of came here when I first got the info about this place....oh well glad to be here I'm sure I can learn things from you all
  9. Hello all I am new here and how I got here was I found a old email of mine that had this website listed which supplied window keys for all platforms up to XP So I figured this couldnt be a bad site lmao But I hope to hope when I can and be a part of this forum. Game