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  1. Thanks pretty bizzare how there are such few people on the board what happened to everyone?? Myspace??? Facebook lol... Well least someone was around to help.
  2. sparsons89


    TWENTY-FIVE :lol:
  3. Lol are they even legal? I know its a silly question... Is that OS still around? There is no difference from what I have and XP , Just do not install any updates lol on of my computers screwed up when I did. BTW I recently got a PT job at compusa since I created the topic.
  4. I cannot seem to get it out of its dos format =/
  5. Yes mam, Can anyone tell me anymore about it honestly I have about 4 here at work.
  6. Lol Okay I attached a screen shot. Im shocked no one knows anything about this... Perhaps the founder or even a previous owner of the domain... Idk... Interesting.
  7. Does anybody else? That how I found the site from "my computer - Support information" lol