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  1. My favorite IM is now Yahoo! Messenger after Microsoft forced all Windows Live Messenger users to upgrade to Skype! :mad:
  2. jax_boy


    IMO, this thread would make a good general welcome thread for all new users! :D
  3. Have I gone back in time or something? It's just that I come back to this forum after so long and notice that there has been no activity whatsoever in some of the forum categories since I last visited here. :(
  4. Just to add as well, I wish that the style of 3D view in Windows Explorer in this build of Longhorn had been included in some way in the Windows Explorer in Windows 8! Now THAT alone would have tempted me to upgrade to Windows 8 and make me forget the annoying Metro start panel! :D
  5. Oh what fun it has been beta testing builds of Windows 7, and now I have the offical RTM build like many other people. :rolleyes: But I bet the fun will start all over again with Windows 8! :P :D