what happened to the original xbetas?

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Well I think there were some disagreements between some of the admins and IRC peoples and blah blah. Then from that BetasIRC was born (which isn't much of anything anymore either). xBetas didn't really do much after that and now here we are...not much of anything much going on and not enough time to really do a lot...

But maybe someday...until then, it's pretty much a place to reconnect with a few friends...and we'll go from there. - Yes, it's 2003 all over again!

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xbetas ... wow.. good times*/

brief history (while i still have some memory of it)

IRC History of #betas/xBetas

-DALnet #betas formed by GaryZelda (late 1990s)

-"blackcomb-xp2"'s channel #winserv merges with #betas, keeps #betas name

-Around Whistler beta era #winbeta splits from #betas (as founded by Franky74)

-Briefly moved over to PopCorn's network called CyberArmy (2001ish)

-Back to Dalnet / Back to new and improved private Elite-IRC network (2003ish) is born

-xBetas IRC network is formed hosting the new and improved #betas (golden age of #betas... legit ~1000user count on IRC) this is around longhorn Milestone 3-4 era

-Channel gets big, network gets bigger... issues/conflict of interest between #betas ops/IRCops ..

-Network is renamed UFnet.... same channel, same servers, same IRCd, different network name... (but continues to redirect here)

-More issues and such, yet the site is soaring and the scene is booming... releases are huge... thousand channel user count, solid 60-70 person staff, release group reputation, 70,000-count botnet, Microsoft insider connections, technet access, 3-4 large user dumps, 400+ daily XDCCers, weekly internal leaked builds, monthly publicly leaked builds, major competition vs, etc, etc...

-due to extraneous circimstances website goes offline around May of 2003 (Computer security-related legal issues.. non-#betas related).. irc network continues to exist

-PDC 2003 = return of

-CoFounder Cyrus quits

-Site stays up through 2004 but channel issues get bigger and bigger..

-I decide shit's too corrupt, heirarchy sucks... blackcomb leaves the network/channel....1 week notice given to channel to move networks (2004)

-#Betas moves to newly formed betasIRC network... GaryZelda resigns (not sure who the founder is)

-xBetas website stays up though rarely updated

-Vista hits RTM... scene gets boring.. i lose interest... xBetas eventually dies..

-in 2008, Morgan decides to make use of the domain :)

some old IRC screenshots:

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