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Hello, I'm Pwned

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I'm in the beta community since August 2009, and I was (am) VERY interested in Longhorns, I already collected some pretty nice collection of rare Longhorn stuff. Later, I found other betas also interesting, but Longhorn is still in my heart. It brings good nostalgia, about stuff we have seen on PDC '03 or other presentation, and about the old communities. The one of the old communities was xBetas (I don't think this is the same, it's just continuation of the community), who had 3663 and more builds.

I'm sure this community will be good, but it's better to make it private (IMO). I will share you, what I have (maybe even builds :)). And you can also visit my own board, dedicated only to Longhorn (look in sig). Well, I'm very happy someone resurrected xBetas, and I felt that nostalgia again. Thank you guys.

By the way, I found exploit on this site, but I didn't exploit it, make sure you fix it.

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